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Stove for cauldron 5 L 295mm (yk08)


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Uchag (stove) is just perfect for safe and quick cooking in a cauldron, a camping boiler in nature, since the fire is kindled inside the uchag, and the heat from fire and coals envelops the entire cauldron or boiler to a greater extent, which includes removable legs, a door, a poker and a grate. Due to the optimal thickness of the walls (2 mm), the possibility of deformation of the walls of the product is excluded.

Features of Uchaga “Kukmara”:

smoke vents, evenly distributed throughout the body, ensure uniform heating of the cauldron;
grate bars protect the bottom of the product from deformation and burnout, provides a more complete and even combustion of wood;
the resulting ash is collected through the holes in the grate at the bottom of the pit;
ease of transportation;
stability during operation;
ease of assembly and installation;

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