Cast Iron Cookware

For those who prioritize proper and healthy nutrition, they choose dishes made from a material that has been known for more than a decade. This expression refers to cast iron cookware.

A cast iron pan lasts a very long time. It is almost impossible to spoil it. The food that is cooked in this frying pan does not burn, it bakes evenly and takes on a golden, beautiful color. That is why it is the best choice for making pancakes, pancakes. It is impossible to fry potatoes, mushrooms, croutons, meat with such an amazing taste and such appearance in any pan, except for a cast iron.

Cast iron cookware has a porous structure and only acquires additional protective properties over time. Most chefs and doctors believe that food cooked in cast iron is healthier.

Cast iron cookware heats up slowly, cools slowly and has little thermal conductivity, so food is cooked evenly. The cast iron skillet is ideal for cooking dishes where long-term cooking is important.

Cast iron cookware (cast iron boiler, cast iron frying pan, cast iron cauldron) advantages:

  • It will last longer than any other, it is almost impossible to spoil it.
  • Food in this cookware will not burn with proper care.
  • The main advantage of this dish is the delicate and unique taste of food cooked in it due to its good heat capacity, due to which the food heats up slowly and cools slowly

In addition to all the listed properties inherent in cast iron, the BIOL company has added a number of its own developments to the design of its cookware, which serve to more convenient and comfortable use of this cookware.

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