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Cold BBQ Food Smoker 400x300x300 (made of stainless steel)



Volume – 36 L

Case material – Stainless steel

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Principle of operation:

  1. The smoking process should preferably be carried out in a dry, well-ventilated place at above-zero temperatures. Before smoking, it is necessary to prepare the products in advance: salt and season with seasonings, leave for several days, dry.
  2. Place the products in a container for smoking on special hanging skewers.
  3. Connect a silicone hose with a fitting to the compressor. Insert the fitting into the smoke generator.
  4. Insert the smoke generator tube into the opening of the smoking chamber.
  5. Pour large wood chips into the smoke generator (small chips are not suitable for cold smoking) in an amount of 500 g.
  6. It is advisable to use chips from beech, apple, alder, oak, pear, cherry.
  7. Close the smoke generator with a lid.
  8. Plug the compressor into a power outlet, set fire to wood chips in the smoke generator through the ignition holes, adjust the power of the smoke supply (for this there is a special toggle switch on the compressor).
  9. The duration of smoking is determined by the type of product and the desired level of smokiness (for fish, 6 hours are enough).

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